Finally master your camera, even if you've been struggling with it for years.

Food Photography

Workshop with

Food & Prop Styling 1

Two Day Intensive October 6th & 7th, 2018
8:30 – 5:30 Saturday & Sunday
In Person Or Virtual
Culver City, CA (Los Angles Area)
25 Year Food Photography Professional Christina Peters, with clients such as: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bath & Body Works, Brookside Chocolates, Bumble Bee Tuna, Campbell’s Soups, Cici’s Pizza, Kraft, Libby’s, Marriott Hotels, Nestle, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, Dominos Pizza, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Weight Watchers, presents a new workshop…

Get A Jump Start On Your Food Photography!

The Workshop

This two day, very hands on workshop intensive will finally get you comfortable with your camera and using natural light for your food photos. The technical instruction is made easy to understand. Not only will you get to learn how to use your camera but you'll learn several food and prop styling techniques, tips and tricks to make your food look fabulous.

The in person workshop will be limited to only 16 people so that everyone will get all the help they need.

We will talk about the best ways to use natural light to bring out the best in your food. There will be several food and prop styling demos.

This workshop will be filmed with a professional video crew so all attendees will also get a free copy of the video recording. If you are not able to attend the workshop live, you may purchase just the recording instead.

Every student will have a chance to do a food photo shoot of their own with the help of the instructors. There will be several cameras, lenses and tripods available for students to use.

Arrive As Strangers, Leave As Friends

Your Instructors

You’ll get to spend two full days with three “A” list Food Photography Professionals. There is no other workshop like this. With their 65 years of combined work experience you will be in great hands and get all your questions answered about food photography, food styling AND prop styling.

Christina Peters – Food Photographer

Christina first picked up a camera when she was 8 years old. After her 2nd photography degree, she settled in Los Angeles and has had a successful food photography career for 25 years. She has a wide range of clients from magazines, ad agencies, design firms, restaurants, food manufacturers, the list goes on. Christina has also been teaching food photography workshops since 2011.

Alise Arato – Food Stylist

Alise Arato is a Los Angeles based Food Stylist with 20 years of experience in Editorial + Advertising, Print + Motion projects. Her clients include major brands, corporations as well as editorial & boutique businesses. Alise's extensive background in art & design + cooking informs a clean, balanced & graphic aesthetic. Always looking to stay current she is continually experimenting & researching new ways to reimagine food culture today.

Amy Paliwoda – Prop Stylist

Amy is a prop stylist and art director based in Los Angeles, specializing in tabletop, food and cosmetics clients, and have been working in the industry for twenty years. Amy's work is fresh, clean, and witty, with the aim of inspiring the viewer in a stylishly approachable way. Amy loves to collaborate with a team, playing with visual puzzles of composition, and creating a narrative that tells a story. Amy is also the co-owner of The Surface Library, a prop house located in Hollywood, CA offering tabletop surfaces and set dressing for food, product, and lifestyle shoots.

Your instructors have clients such as: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bath & Body Works, Brookside Chocolates, Bumble Bee Tuna, Campbell's Soups, Cici's Pizza, Kraft, Libby's, Marriott Hotels, Nestle, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Dominos Pizza, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Weight Watchers, Anheuser Busch, Bon Appetit, Conde Nast, Dole, Epicurious, Food Network, Glamour Magazine, Anthropologie, Harlequin Publishing, Harper Collins Publishers, Hershey's, JC Penny, Martha Stewart, Pizza Hut, Sunkist, Target, Vegetarian Times, Absolut, Carnation, The Cheesecake Factory, Chobani, Coca-Cola, Dreyer's, Farmer John, Frito Lay, Herbalife, Hilton, Hostess, Jack In The Box, Kellog's, King's Hawaiian, Lawry's, Purina, Red Robin, Rubio's, Sizzler, Snapple, Starbucks, Tyson, and, Uncle Ben's, just to name a few.

Who This Workshop Is For

Food Photography Courses For Bloggers
FOOD BLOGGERS: Usually half our workshop students are food bloggers. If you have a food blog, you must have great food photography. If you start taking great images of your food, you could start doing sponsored posts and getting paid to blog.  How fun would that be? You could also start doing other food photography jobs that don't involve recipe developing.

CULINARY PROFESSIONALS – CHEFS, FOOD STYLISTS, RESTAURATEURS, CULINARY INSTRUCTORS & CULINARY STUDENTS :  How awesome would it be to be able to take great photos of your beautiful food? Whether you are trying to grab images in the kitchen, or get a beauty shot of your dish, photographing your food is extremely important to show what you can do.

Food Photography Courses For Chefs
Food Photography Courses For Food Companies

FOOD COMPANIES:  It's now quite common for food companies big and small to have many of their employees photograph the food or beverage product that the company they work for makes. Christina has taught several food companies how to take pictures of their food.  Or maybe you are bringing a food or beverage product to market for the first time and just can't afford to hire a food photographer.  This workshop would be great for you.

COMPLETE BEGINNERS AND HOBBYISTS:  Are you just starting out? This workshop is perfect for you. This workshop will save you time by teaching you exactly what you need to learn so that you can get control of your camera, use natural light, and prepare your food beautifully.

Food Photography For Beginners

Friends are the family you get to choose for yourself.

Mia Sheridan

Discover Techniques To Rapidly Improve Your Food Photography


Food Styling Foundations


Styling Soups


Styling Sandwiches


Styling Pastas


Styling Desserts


Prop Styling Foundations


Discussion About Cameras, Lenses, & Tripods


Essential Camera Settings


What Is White Balance & How To Use It


3 Easy Natural Light Set Ups


Diffusion Techniques For Natural Light


Composition & Camera Angles


Intro To Editing In Lightroom

Day One Agenda

Food And Prop Styling
  • 8:30 Doors open
  • 9:00 Introductions & first session starts
  • 9:30 The basics of food styling
  • 10:00 Food styling demos start
  • 12:30 Break for lunch (catered)
  • 1:30 Afternoon food styling demos continue
  • 4:30 Prop styling session starts
  • 5:30 Day 1 finish

Day Two Agenda

Food Photography
  • 8:30 Doors open
  • 9:00 Food Photography presentation starts
  • 12:00 Christina, Amy & Alise shoot a demo
  • 12:30 Break for lunch (catered)
  • 1:30 Student shooting projects start
  • 5:00 Weekend Wrap up
  • 5:30 Day 2 finish

In-Person Workshop Details


Each day we start at 8:30 and aim to end at 5:30. We make sure everyone's questions are answered each day so we may go over time when needed.

Free Digital Version Of Workshop

Every attendee will get the fully edited digital version of the workshop for free. This version will be available two weeks after the workshop.


Both mornings there will be a light, continental breakfast with coffee and tea. Lunch will be catered at the studio by a favorite local restaurant. Food allergies will be fully acknowledged and planned for. There will be a craft services table set up all day with snacks and beverages.


We will be in a beautiful food shooting studio in Culver City CA. Please scroll all the way down for the address and map.


Each student will get a workbook with either the session presentation and/or the instructor's outline so that all you have to do is take your own notes.


There is plenty of free parking 1 block away from the studio in their monitored parking lot.

There are no strangers here; only friends that haven't met yet.

Digital Workshop Details

The digital workshop is going to be awesome. We are having this workshop professional filmed with a 3-4 camera set up to make sure that you see all the details necessary with the food styling demos, the props styling that Amy will be doing and the lighting tricks that Christina will be showing you. We are also having a professional audio team with us as well to make sure the sound is great, smooth and will give you an uninterrupted experience. There's nothing worse than horrible sound with events! All the instructors will be mic'd with top quality equipment and all the student questions we be on a hand held microphone so you won't miss a thing.

We plan on getting digital workshop completed two weeks after the event. It will be broken down into very organized modules. Each module will have mini-courses in it, with small bite size lesson. Yes, there will be hours of content, but it will be broken up into very easy to consume, bite size pieces. No one wants to have to site through videos that are two hours long. We will not do that to you. Any questions at all about this workshop, please email Christina (email address is at the bottom of this page).


We plan on having the digital version of the workshop available within two weeks of the live event. This is why you are getting a huge discount, because of your patience and we thank you for that!


Your digital workshop will live on the Food Photography Club website. All you need is internet access to see the workshop.


Each student will get a digital workbook (eBook – PDF) with either the session presentation and/or the instructor's outline so that all you have to do is take your own notes.


Every student, in-person or virtual, will get support via our private Facebook group for one year for this workshop. This is how you will get your questions answered.

Pick Your Workshop

At the in-person workshop, every student will have a chance to do a food photo shoot of their own with the help of Christina, Amy, And Alise. There will be several cameras, lenses and tripods available for students to use if you don't already have a camera.

Digital Workshop 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee

Most programs, if they give you a guarantee, it's only for 30 days at the most. We all have so much going on, sometimes 30 days isn't enough time to dig into a workshop like this. This is why we are giving you a 6 month guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to get to use the content. If you aren't loving it, just email Christina for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this price include hotel and airfare?
No, it does not. You are responsible for your hotel, airfare, and transportation. Christina can help you with finding a hotel in the area by giving you some suggestions.
What type of guarantees are there?
As there will be an enormous expense for the in-person workshop, there are no guarantees for that but please know that Christina has been doing workshops for 8 years and has glowing reviews from all of those – see some testimonials below this FAQ.

If you purchased the digital workshop version, there is a 6 month guarantee. That's right 6 months. Most programs give a 30 day guarantee. We realize that you have a lot going on and it might take you some time to actually dive into the workshop. So that's why we are making our guarantee 6 months. If after 6 months you are completely unsatisfied with the digital version of the workshop, just email Christina for a full refund.

What is your cancellation policy for the in-person event?
We require a minimum of 14 days cancellation notice before the event, otherwise you will have to find someone to buy your ticket for you or you will not be refunded for the event. We are producing this event at a huge expense so we cannot afford any last minute cancellations.
How long do I have access to the digital workshop?
You will have lifetime access to the digital workshop. It will be housed on the Food Photography Club website.
What if I don't have a camera yet?
Perfect! If you don't have a camera yet, Christina will let you know what are the most important settings to look for when picking out a camera for photographing food.

If you are attending the in-person workshop, Christina will have several cameras available for the student project shooting portion of the workshop at no additional cost to you.

What if I hate my current camera or lens?
Perfect! If you hate your current camera or lens, Christina might show you some settings on your camera to make you love it again. If you really just want a new camera or lens, Christina will let you know what are the most important settings to look for when picking out a camera and/or lens for photographing food.

Many students have come to Christina's workshops in the past thinking their camera was broken and it just turned out that one setting was set to something that made it very difficult to take pictures. The goal here is to teach you how to use what you have. Not to up-sell you into spending more money. Honestly there are awesome cameras that are $400. So, unless your camera is 15 years old, chances are, Christina can make your camera work for you.

If you are attending the in-person workshop, Christina will have several cameras available for the student project shooting portion of the workshop at no additional cost to you. So you can try out a new camera or new lens.

What equipment will be at the event for me to use?
Christina will have the following equipment at the event for you to use for your student project:

  • Canon Rebel T5i
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Canon 7D mark II
  • Nikon D3300 with the 18mm-105mm zoom lens
  • Canon 50mm lens
  • Canon 17-40mm lens
  • Canon 24-105mm lens
  • Canon 100mm lens
  • Olympus Mirrorless OM-D camera with the 12-40mm zoom lens
  • Three professional tripods
After the event, or if I bought the digital workshop, what kind of support do I have?
This is the first time Christina is offering this. For everyone who is buying either event, you will have your own, private Facebook group for one year. So if you have question along the way, Christina will support you. So you won't be left on your own as you go through the workshop.
I have some food allergies, will you have food for me at the live event?
Christina has a lot of food allergies too. After you sign up, Christina will be sending you some surveys asking you about your food preferences. She gets it. Christina is gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. So please, know she will do what she can to accommodate your needs.

If your allergy is very severe, Christina can't guarantee the restaurants we have food catered from doesn't have cross contamination. So in this case, you might need to bring your own food as a back up, just in case.

I'm from out of town, where do I stay?
As soon as you register, Christina will send you info via email for hotel information. Culver City is a small little town a few miles inland from Marina Del Rey – Venice Beach area. There is one hotel in Culver City that is an historic property that is great, the rest of the hotels Christina will recommend will be in Marina Del Rey. When she has clients fly in to shoot with her, this is the list they get.
I'm from out of town, do I need to rent a car?
No you don't. You will be flying into LAX. From there you'll take a taxi, uber, or Lyft to your hotel. Christina will be suggesting some hotels close by so you can hire a car service each day to come and go. It will probably be cheaper to do that than rent a car as some hotels charge an outrageous fee to park your rental car there.
I do NOT want to be on camera, can I still come to this event?
No you can't. We are filming almost the entire event. So any questions you ask in class will be recorded because chances are you will have the same questions as a lot of people. Every participant will have to sign an event release in order to come to the event. During the student projects we will be shooting still images of that, probably not a lot video. All of the presentations will be filmed. We get it. If you don't want you or your voice to be on the recording, you should probably buy the digital version instead.
Do I really have to sign your model/event release if I go to the in-person workshop?
You sure do. Every live event that Christina does requires a model/event release to be signed by every participant. We will be selling this recording so if you are uncomfortable with possibly being seen or heard on camera, you should probably buy the digital version of the workshop instead. If you sign up for the in-person event, and don't sign our release, you will not be allowed in the studio.
What are you doing with the footage you are shooting at the live event?
We are filming this live event in order to sell a digital version of it. We've had over 300 people sign up to be on our wait list for the workshop so we will sell out that live event.

We will be using anything we film or photograph to create marketing materials for future events and for selling the digital event.

If you are not comfortable with possibly being seen on camera, you should probably not come to the live even and buy the digital version instead.

Any images that the students create in class will always remain their content and they retain copyright of their content at all times.

Raving Fans

Christina has been teaching workshops for many years. These are just a few testimonials from past events that Christina taught and produced.

Such a great class, not overwhelming. Felt like I had plenty of time to shoot and got help when I needed it. I like that you provided the food so we could pick different and interesting items. Learned some great tips on shooting as well as fixing images. Liked the format and structure of the class.
Mara S.

The class covered lots of ground and flew by so quickly. Both Christina and Amy are a delightful team, very patient. The class challenges you to think and consider which elements will work well together to create a beautiful composition. Its harder than it looks. The leave behind booklet will serve as a resource step by step guide to how to save files. Can’t wait to recommend this class to friends.
Karen Y.

Great space and hospitality. Fun, casual, no stress or snobbery about it. Christina made is accessible.
Josephina L.

Really enjoyed it and learned lots about lighting and color. Helpful information too on editing to fine tune and finalize pictures. Thank you!!
Annie S.

Thank you so much for the class. You and Amy are amazing and I walked away with so much more knowledge than I thought I would be able to get in one day.
Jimin B.

Thank you for being so generous with information!!! It is rare when professionals actually know how to teach. It was breath of fresh air. There are a lot of classes out there of very talented people supplementing their income by teaching, and bless their hearts, they don’t have the words to convey their craft in an understandable way. Not only was Christina easy to understand but had the patience of Job when bombarded with questions. I was amazed at how she broke down Photoshop for beginners into bite site pieces. I have used Photoshop since it first came out and I still learned new things that will be very helpful to me with web optimizing. Amy was very easy to understand and I loved the “recipe for a great shot” handout. She inspired me to think before styling. I loved watching her work. Great job all the way around!
Cathy A.

This class really helped demystify how a camera works and helped me understand the fundamentals of good photography.
Daisy T.

Your Production Team (Crew Family)

We thought it would be nice for you to meet your production team as you'll be seeing a lot of them this weekend if you join us in person. Christina call them her Crew Family.

Scott Comeaux – Production Coordinator

Scott is engaged to Christina and helps her with all sorts of productions for her photography shoots and her workshops. He's her partner in life and all things photography.

Elyn Marton and Ryan Martin – EF Martin Productions

Christina has known Elyn for about 25 years now. They actually shared a studio together for 10 years. Elyn, her son Ryan and her business partner Jonah will be handling the entire video production of the workshop. They will have camera men, audio techs, and whatever else is needed for the digital version of this workshop to make it awesome for you.

Monique Ozimkowski – Photo Assistant / Second Shooter

Monique has been working with Christina for at least 15 years now and they are dear friends. Monique will help make sure that all your needs are met. She always seems to put everyone's needs before her own. Oh, and she's a total blast too!

Photography Studio Location

Studio Address

Helms Daylight Studio | Anthony Nex Photography

3221 Hutchison Ave. #E
Los Angeles, CA  90034

More Questions Email Christina