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Tired of the $200 photo gigs? It's time for you to start making 4 figure day rates.

Introducing  The 4 Figure Day Rate Plan

This course will give you some excellent guidance on how to get higher paying clients.

Do you want to dive deeper on how to price your jobs, how to find high paying clients and how to create a solid marking plan?

Get my newly updated course, The 4 Figure Day Rate Plan Version 3.0 with over 1 hour of content added to the course for a total of over 2.5 hours of info to help you get your dream clients.

Normally $297 
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Christina has been making 4 figure day rates for more than 25 years now. With her system you can learn how to charge more and how to get those clients that will pay what you are worth.

Finally Make A Profit From Your Food Photography!

Image of Bouillabaisse

What You Will Learn:

  • The root cause of why you are not charging enough
  • How to avoid Apologetic Pricing so that you have confidence when saying what you charge
  • How to calculate your cost of doing business so that you know what to charge
  • I get real with you and tell you what I charge for all sorts of jobs so you have a better understand of what your rates need to be
  • What niching down means and why it is so important
  • What kind of images you need to show on your website portfolio with detailed examples to attract the clients you want
  • Several tricks to finding those clients that you want
  • What you need for marketing materials when starting out
  • How to create your own customized marketing plan so you don't waste a ton of money
  • How to schedule your marketing plan for success and when to send out materials
  • And so much more!

This image of the bouillabaisse is from a shoot where I was paid $3000 a day to photograph food for a restaurant group. People, that's on the low end of what I normally get paid.

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Get Paid Well To Do What You Love!

The Course

In this course I get very real with you about why you are not charging enough and how to fix that mind set.

Next I talk about your portfolio and how to create a portfolio that will grab clients.

The last topic is your marketing plan. If you aren't marketing yourself, you will not survive.

There are three lessons in this course that are about 30 minutes long. Each lesson comes with worksheets, resources, or guides that you can download.

You will leave this course with an action plan to find and go after the clients you would love to work with.

Who It's For

FOOD BLOGGERS – usually half of our students are food bloggers who want to start doing more food photography jobs with brands so they can get paid more to do photography. This course is NOT about how to get 5lbs of potatoes in exchange for 8 hours of your work.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS– Many of our students are photographers who have been photographing other subjects and would like to learn how to get higher paying clients.

BEGINNER PHOTOGRAPHERS– I wish I had this course when I was first starting out. This is a culmination of what I've learned the hard way so it's easier for you.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS – I've been working with other food photographers for the last 10 years teaching them how to redirect their work to get the clients they would love to work for.

THIS IS NOT FOR – Those who are thinking they will just send a few emails and get 100 new clients. This is a long term goal. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme at all. We are building relationships with the clients we would love to work with.

Your Instructor

Christina Peters – Food Photographer

I first picked up a camera when I was 8 years old. After my 2nd photography degree, I settled in Los Angeles and have had a successful food photography career for more than 25 years.

I have a wide range of clients from magazines, ad agencies, design firms, restaurants, food manufacturers, food brands, and book publishers.

I have also been teaching food photography and the business of photography for the last 10 years.

Christina has clients such as: Arby's, Baja Fresh, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bath & Body Works, Brookside Chocolates, Bumble Bee Tuna, Campbell's Soups, Chipotle, Cici's Pizza, Country Crock, Kraft, Libby's, Marriott Hotels, Nestle, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Dominos Pizza, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Weight Watchers, Herbalife, Jack In The Box, King's Hawaiian, Rubio's, Pedigree Petfood, Tyson, Harper Collins Publishers, UPS, Wrigley's, just to name a few.

What Other's Have To Say

If you want to know how to turn things around, make money and more then this course is fantastic. So glad I joined it. So many ideas and so much value in this.


Andrew Mortimer

Youtuber, British Cook

What You Get – Three Modules

MODULE 1 STOP SHOOTING FOR FREE!: In this module we are going to figure out why you are not charging enough and what you need to do right now to figure out what you need to be charging.

I will show you how little jobs for $250 will sink your business fast.

MODULE 2 YOUR 6 FIGURE PORTFOLIO: The most important tool for getting clients is your photography portfolio. I will go over all the details of what you must show as a food photographer with detailed examples.

We will discuss how to figure out exactly what kind of images you need to show to get the clients that you want to work with.


MODULE 3 YOUR 10K MARKETING PLAN: You can't talk about getting clients without talking about your marketing plan. Honestly, this is where most photographers are getting things wrong – they either don't have a marketing plan or they think their marketing plan is sending out a random email every once in a while.

It's actually pretty easy and not complicated at all to create your own, simple marketing plan.


Plus You Get These Six Bonuses!

Image of Imac and 5 Ipads

MODULE 1 BONUSES: PDF download “All You Need To Know About Finding Clients” with lists of possible clients AND how to find them using a little secret technique that most photographers have never heard of. You will also get the Expense Tracker to help determine what you need to charge.

MODULE 2 BONUSES: You'll receive a PDF download with several resources for creating your website online, on an iPad and also a printed book along with a list of suggested images for your book.

MODULE 3 BONUSES: A logo check list for getting an inexpensive logo created along with my personal email templates that I send out to potential clients that are SPAM compliant in the US!

Extra Bonus # Six!

Convert Followers To Clients Using Social Media

Portrait Of Melissa Pruitt

SPECIAL INTERVIEW: This is the first time I'm offering this. I interviewed a good friends of mine, Melissa Pruitt, who is a masters at converting her Instagram and Facebook followers into very loyal clients. She shares with us exactly how she leverages those platforms to get clients that keep coming back.

Put An End To Apologetic Pricing And Confidently Ask For What You Are Worth!

Start Getting High Paying Clients Now!

Letting you know that your mini course has been immensely helpful! Your straight forward approach is very appreciated. One tip I found extremely helpful was about building a portfolio that somewhat acts as a template for clients to say, “this is the shot I want but with our product”. I've had one major client so far and this is actually what they did!
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and advice!
Emma Zilber

Food and Product Photographer, emmazphotography.com

Your course was very important to me, because it helped me so much to focus on the most important things to do, when you start as food photographer. Words were direct and clear and I felt you were very honest about them. The course is really very encouraging and it helps to do the right steps.
Thanks a lot, Christina. Ciao from Italy!
Roberto Corinaldesi

Photographer, Eskay Food

I completed your videos and they are excellent!  I got a lot out of them.  I like the way you helped me see that I need to keep moving my business forward and not get slowed down by all the paths and options.   It is no surprise that you have been a successful photographer for many years.


Katherine Dunlop

I've been meaning to give the feedback you deserve for your great 4 Figure Day Rate Plan.  I remember how you talked about earning what the work is worth. That is what I needed to hear with actual ballpark figures for smaller jobs vs the big corporate jobs!  I am blown away by the amount of resources you share. You are sharing knowledge to create success and I am so appreciative.  Thank you for making it all available and sharing so readily!
Virginia Smith

Photographer, Modern Vintage Photographer

Hi Christina, I have watched your three modules about The Four Figure Day Rate Plan and really appreciated it. I heartily thank you for sharing this experience, I have learned new things that I absolutely must try. Of course, the Italian reality is different from the American one, but I believe that the basic lines of the marketing program work everywhere and will always work. I am a witness that this thing you have explained works great! I am very pleased to learn new things from photographers with more experience than mine, these things help me to grow. Therefore, all your lessons and advice are invaluable.

Corina Daniela Obertas

Photographer, Corina Daniela Obertas Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access for the lifetime of the course – which will be at least 3 years from the time that you enroll. As long as I am runing the Food Photography Club website, you'll have access to this course.
Do I get access to everything right now?

Yes you do! As soon as you sign up you'll be inside and you have access to all the lessons and bonuses. 

How long will this course take?

I know, I know, you're in a lot of other programs. I am too, by the way. That's why I made this course the way I did. The total time to watch the content is just over 90 minutes. Many of my students have gone through this course in an afternoon, then with the course materials have worked out a game plan for moving forward.

That's the goal here. Explain HOW to go about getting clients that will pay you a 4 figure day rate, then giving you a plan to make that happen. Putting that plan in motion is not instant. Building new business relationships take time – but I teach you how to do that in this course.

What if I'm just starting out?
If you are just starting out, this is the perfect time for this course because beginner photographers will fall into Apologetic Pricing the fastest. This course will get you headed in the right direction to make a profit from your photography.
I don't know how to use my camera, will this course be good for me?

You cannot start getting clients if you don't know how to use your camera or how to light your food. I would not suggest buying this course at this time. 

Instead I suggest joining the Food Photography Club membership site where you can learn everything about your camera and how to take beautiful food photos.

I've been shooting for a while, will this course help me?
Absolutely. The way Christina talks about building your portfolio and getting clients is actually different from how many teach this subject. Christina has had students in the industry for more than a decade learn new tactics from this program.
I don't have any money to do any marketing or advertising. Are you going to be telling me to do expensive marketing campaigns?
Here's the deal – if you are not marketing yourself, you WILL not get clients!!! This is a business my friend and if you aren't willing to invest in marketing, please reconsider this business or any business for that matter.

You cannot rely on word of mouth or social media to bring in all your clients either.

That being said, my marketing strategy is extremely affordable. You do NOT have to do extensive campaigns that cost $1000's of dollars. Follow what I teach, and you'll be off to an excellent start.

I still have questions. How do I get them answered?
Just email Christina with any questions that you have cp@foodphotographyclub.com

I'm Here For You!

Have you ever bought a course, a program, a system, or whatever, and the dude or gal running it completely dissapear after they sell it to you? Yeah, me too, like a lot.

It infuriates me. With many programs, you just can't get your questions answered or if you join their Facebook group, you can get your questions answered by the people the guru hired to manage their facebook group. That's not what I paid for.

I'm not going to do that to you. I have a free Facebook group where you can get your questions answered. I'm in there every day helping folks out all the time.

I really do want you to succeed as a food photographer and you will have questions that come up along the way. I'm here for you.

So join me today so that you can start making 4 figure day rates.